World Cup 2010 Calendar Getting Closer to the End

October 6, 2022 By admin

On Tuesday 29th the World Cup 2010 Calendar is getting closer to the end. Now that the Games of Paraguay-Japan and Spain-Portugal are over with the respective victories of Paraguay 5-3 and Spain 1-0. The 8 teams, that are continuing this adventure are set.

On the evening 2nd July 2010 Uruguay is going to face Ghana and at the same time in Port Elizabeth The Netherlands are going to play Brazil. Cape Town will be hosting on 3rd July Argentina vs. Germany and Johannesburg Paraguay vs. Spain.

To have teams such as The Netherlands, Brazil, Argentina, Germany and Spain still in the game is not a surprise. Betting odds are all in favour of Brazil, who is leading the standings everywhere. But the early exits of France and Italy at the preliminaries have shaken up the World Cup betting scenes. แทงบอลโลก The Netherlands moved up and so did Uruguay, who might face a big shot only if they make it to the semi-finals.

The teams of Argentina, Spain, The Netherlands, Germany are not to be underestimated. They all have strong offence and defence and they have some good forwards, that do not hesitate to score. However only Argentina and The Netherlands have won all their games so far. When Brazil played Portugal, the rather dull match ended up 0-0.

At the quarter finals the World Cup is as usual dominated by South America with 4 teams and Europe with 3 teams. The only surprise is Ghana, the African team, that made it out of the 6 participating ones.

Concerning the Top Goal Scorer at this edition at the time being it looks like Argentina has most chances to place one of their players as there are three in good standings with 4 and 3 goals scored. Also Spain is on the list, now that they beat Portugal.

The highest number of goals was scored by Fontaine from France in 1958 during this major event, followed by Kocsis from Hungary in 1954 with 11 and 10 scored by Mueller from Germany in 1970.

Only 8 matches, 4 quarter finals, 2 semi-finals and 2 finals to go in the World Cup 2010 calendar in order to find out who the great winner of this edition is going to be. Lets see if it is going to be any of the foreseen teams or maybe a surprise this time.

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