Videos on Demand – An Online Course For Making Handmade Jewelry

The computer can be hooked up to the internet with a broadband. This connection will allow the ability to view a video with its visual and audio instruction. This concept replaced the large white viewing screen and the film reel which were used in elementary schools, high schools, and schools of higher learning many years ago. Did I just wake up a forgotten memory?

The internet technology has afforded many of us to visit around the world without ever leaving home. The internet is a tool for our education as well as entertainment. If you are not able to find a local jewelry instructor in your community, have your computer hooked to the internet.

Today artists or craftsmen are interested in making handmade jewelry. We want to learn how to make costume jewelry of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pendants, rings, and novelty items.

Have you caught the beading bug? Do you find yourself becoming addicted to the art of making jewelry?

We are living in the right time of history because we can look back through the centuries and duplicate jewelry of the past, originate new styles, recycle the past with new materials of today, and project new views and techniques for the future of art jewelry. Jewelry making is wide open for the adventurous crafts people and artisans as there are not limits.

Talk about no limits! The internet hooked up with electricity brings us mega information. Perhaps, you can, but I know I am not able to define what electricity is? I just know what it does.


  • What are the advantages of viewing videos on demand?
  • View instantly using the internet.
  • Digital technology costs less than a DVD.
  • No limit as to the number of times you want to view the jewelry course.
  • There is instant gratification because of electronic order a course in miracles  ing which permits immediate access to view the video.


There is and will always be a market for jewelry. Prices vary according to what the market will bear. Never fear, everybody loves jewelry. It is just a matter of making handmade jewelry that people will love.

As you know, the jewelry artist is also aware of costs and that is one of the reasons that many of us should continue our education with videos on demand downloaded from the internet. The convenience of attending online classes in the privacy of the home has many advantages and one of those benefits is economics.

These videos on demand courses will help us to become accomplished jewelry artists making every imaginable jewelry piece from bridal jewelry to trendy art jewelry, and more. And we never left the house!


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