Overseas Property – Where to Invest in This Small World

November 30, 2022 By admin

The year 2006 looks promising for overseas property investing. There are several locations in which forecasters of the real estate market are predicting to be a good investment. Low cost flights new airports and low prices are all factors for the overseas property investor.

Bulgarian property

With world-class ski facilities a low cost of living, Bulgaria is heading to the top as a hot touring spot. The golfing industry seems to have a lot to do with this, as well. With new golf courses scheduled to be built over the next few years, predictions are that the prices of property will be increasing, too. In 2003, the property prices in Bulgaria increased by thirty-one percent. It is stated that many investors are currently buying blind, never before having been to Bulgaria. The price of house can be as low as $7,000, however, be prepared for a fixer-upper at that price.

Southern Cyprus property

Another hotspot seems to be is Southern Cyprus. With the completion of the Paphos airport scheduled for 2008, tourism is expected to be on the rise. For as low as $68,500 you can own a three-bedroom villa, situated amidst landscaped gardens and ocean views.

Currently, flats and villas located along the   property turkey coast are what is expected to rise in sales for the next couple of years. With the beautiful views and prevailing sunny weather, it is no wonder that Cyprus is an expected hotspot for real estate investors.

Turkish property

Turkey is also coming to the lead for real estate investments. With the a simple buying process, the number of homes owned by foreigners increased by two-hundred and fourteen percent between 2003 and 2005. While it is still considered to be new in the investors market, the potential for growth is great. Even after the prices have risen over the last couple of years, the fact is, homes in Turkey are affordable and you can purchase a two to three bedroom home for as little as $35,000. With these prices, the sunny weather and magnificence of Turkey, it is no wonder it is projected to be a hotspot for 2006.

Brazilian property

Emerging markets such as Brazil not only offer the overseas property investor low house prices but many can take advantage of favorable currency fluctuations

Chinese property

The Chinese real estate industry is about to boom .Foreign investors are encouraged to invest in China and are protected by law.

These, of course, are only a few of the up and coming hotspots for buying abroad. So, with so many options, how do you know what and where to buy? Ask yourself, first, what you want to accomplish in your investing? If you’re looking for a quick turn-around, the results will obviously be different than if you’re looking for a nice vacation spot for your family for a short-time. Spending the time to carefully research the market trends for the area is well-worth the effort it takes.