Optimum Resource Utilization With Resource Management And Resource Planning

Project Resource Management is about managing the processes that are involved in the handling of the resources that are used in a particular project. It is also about ensuring that all the resources are optimally utilized. Project Resource Management possesses the following advantages:

1) It helps to keep a record of the data that would help to prepare better bids for future projects.
2) It helps in introducing cost efficiency in the use of resources.
3) It facilitates online access to the data.
4) It helps in integrating resources for various projects that helps in better performance.

Components of a Project Resource Management tool include the following:

a) Change-Management: This is achieved through a good monitoring system.
b) Project-Management: This is achieved through timely revision of the project summary.
c) Materials-Management: This involves ensuring timely procurement of the materials through the supply chain.
d) Information-Management: This involves being updated about changing market trends.
e) Timely Procurement: The life cycle of the procurements determines the development of the project. resource management services 
f) Design Control.
g) Finding Solutions to various issues.
h) Ensuring Efficient Implementation.

Enterprise Resource Planning is basically a software program used by many companies for the integration of various processes into a single system. The main purpose of Resource Planning is to aid in the smooth transmission of information throughout the organization and also between the organization and the external stakeholders.

Components included in Resource Planning software include:

1) Human Resource component that includes HR management, payroll and planning of the work shifts of the workers.
2) Financial component which deals with preparation of accounts, ledgers, asset management and their controlling.
3) Sales and Distribution component that includes keeping a record of the bills and invoices, sales history and managing the customers.
4) Materials management component which deals with the procurement and allocation of resources.
5) Logistics component that deals with warehousing and transportation.

The Enterprise Resource Planning software offers a number of advantages. Some of them have been enumerated below:

1) EPR helps in the integration of various business processes and helps in reduction of paper work.
2) It helps in maintaining and improving upon the customer-organization relationship and its management.
3) It facilities faster processing of information by avoiding manipulation of data.
4) It makes decision making easy for the company management and helps in creation of timely reports.
5) It manages finance related information effectively.
6) This software program is absolutely safe and secure in protecting company secrets.

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