Forest City Open New Doors To Smart City Life

In the first quarter of 2019, Forest City has started the Phase II Apartments handover. Tens and thousands of owners are expected to visit their new home on 1st Parallel North to lead new and exciting lives.

Forest City is positioned as an eco-friendly and intelligent development, and aims to build a smart , future-oriented community for everyone who owns property. One of the most innovative features is Phase II Apartment We have created an entire smart island experience that encompasses three areas including security for the community Smart living services, smart living and an experience in smart living for every family to ensure that the principles of security, convenience, sustainability and smart are incorporated in every aspect of our lives.

Smart Security System, Ensuring The Safety Of Property Owners

Facial And Fingerprint Recognition

In just one click and a few seconds later, the system will recognize the owner’s fingerprints and unlock the elevator and entrance doors which allows the property owner to use the elevator straight up to the front of their home. Furthermore, the intelligent security system can also be equipped with facial recognition, allowing an unhindered homecoming experience for all property owners.

Electric Fence

Have you heard of an invisible electric fence? The smart city has built a virtual fence that surrounds every community. If a risky or suspicious situation occurs, the administration center will immediately activate the alarm, ensuring the security you need in your daily living!

Emergency Alarms

The forest city has placed emergency alarms in parking areas when there is an unpredictability, a live video call is sent for Security Center. Security Center.

Forest City’s single-stop living platform called Forest Life App, offers the following services:

App Remote Video Intercom And Door Opening

If no one is able to answer the intercom in the home when someone arrives the system will call the owner’s cell phone to activate video intercoms and request permission to unlock the door.

App Remote Monitoring

You can view the surveillance video of areas that are public in the community at any time, and also learn about the community’s activities within the region.

App Remote Alarm

In the event of a special circumstance property owners may contact security personnel at the Security Center anytime through the App to make a call to the police to ensure the safety of the property owner and their family members.

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