Fake Diamonds Are the Wave of the Future?

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They look like the real thing and any many cases it takes the trained eye of a seasoned certified jeweler to tell the difference between a fake diamond and a genuine one. When thinking in terms of fake diamonds, there are usually two trains of thought:

In one train of thought, many jewelers take great exception to fake diamonds. Their belief is, unscrupulous sales reps are attempting to pawn off the fake stuff as real. And to a degree they are right! It is a known fact that some people, (we cannot ethically call them jewelers) try and convince diamond buyers that their fake diamonds are the real thing. The fakes have gotten so good, that even jewelers can have a hard time telling them apart from natural ones. To prevent retailers from passing off fake diamonds as natural ones, (GIA) the Gemological Institute of America, is now selling equipment that helps jewelers easily distinguish between the two.

The other train of thought is that fakes are the wave of the future. Of course, this ideology is being aggressively promoted by none other than the ones involved in the manufacturing and marketing of fake diamonds. They believe that fakes are the answer for high diamond prices and a reasonable solution to the conflict diamond trade. They are entitled to their opinion! What do you think?

Fake diamonds go by a multitude of names and descriptions, which we’ll share in a moment. But the bottom line definition is this: a fake diamond is any product that is not a mined diamond. If it wasn’t created in planet earth as a result of the naturally slow geologic process, it is a fake diamond!

Geologists and scientists are still guessing as to how diamonds formed but they believe the process or recipe is something like this. Diamonds are made out of carbon. Carbon dioxide buried around 100 miles deep into the Earth is heated to about 2,200 degrees Fahrenheit. Over time, a combination of the heat and tremendous pressure of 725,000 pounds per square inch forms a rough uncut diamond, which is eventually forced to the earth’s surface to cool. And that’s when they are mined.

The primary objective of fake diamonds is threefold: (1) to look like natural diamonds, (2) to pass the arm’s length rule, and (3) to fool qualified jewelers. If a fake diamond is to stand the ultimate test, it must be able to impress professional jewelers at arms length. At arms length, if it is a good fake diamond, most jewelers will say they can’t be sure. They will then use a 10x magnification loupe to determine if it is a natural or a fake diamond.

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There are hundreds (if not thousands) of websites out there that are trying to ‘fake it to make it’. You have seen it before. Websites telling you how to build loads of traffic when they have about 10 uniques a day, websites telling you how to explode your RSS subscriber count who have 100 or less subscribers, websites telling you how you can make thousands and millions online who are making less than $1/day.

My first experience trying to fake it to make it was trying to copy Darren’s problogger blog when I was on blogspot! This sounds so stupid to me now. A blogger without his own domain trying to tell others how to make loads of money by blogging! I was stupid. You will be thankful to know I have learned from my mistakes.

People can smell a liar from a mile away. More often than not it is completely obvious if you are faking it. If you are not displaying your RSS subscriber count people assume you don’t have many subscribers. If you fake it people can tell and your content will not help anyone

It is a fact that people like to buy from someone they trust. If they trust you and you recommend a product to them then they are likely to buy it. This means the more that people trust you the more money you are likely to make. By being honest you are building trust with people.

Faking it to make it is a short term thing and it will never last for the long run. When it comes to blogging you are only ever going to be successful if you stick it out for the long run. I was talking to man man Joe today about how The University Kid is for sale. This is a great site and could have gone all the way to success like many other blogs if he had just stuck with it. He is instead selling it and not staying in it for the long run. He won’t see the success he could have seen. (I am not trying to say Jason ever tried to fake it to make it, just an example of not staying in it for the long run)

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