Advertising Your Internet Home Business

Free Advertising:

There are thousands of free advertising resources available online and there are also lots of web sites that offer reciprocal linking, which basically means that you put a link to their site on your Internet home business website and they will put a link to your site on theirs.

Be wary of websites that offer to “blast your ad to millions of sites”, as this is basically spamming and a major no-no for advertising an Internet home business, especially if you are an affiliate for some company. It is a sure way to lose your position in any company and you could also lose your hard earned commissions.

Submitting articles to Article Directories is probably one of the most effective ways of getting free advertising for your Internet home business and the benefits are long term free advertising and being recognised as an authority on the subject of your choice. It can be very time consuming submitting articles to individual sites so if you can afford it I would recommend that you purchase some article submission software which will automate a great deal of the work for you, or subscribe to a service that does it for you.

Take advantage of your email programs and set up a signature with your link to be added to all outgoing emails as another free way to advertise your Internet home business. Another great way to use signatures is through forum posting where you add your signature with your links when you set up your profile, and every time you create a post or reply to one you signature will be added to the posts. This is very effective for long term free advertising as your posts will be available for however long the forum stays online.

There are lots of free advertising websites but I have found the vast majority of them to be a waste of time and effort, and a lot of them insist that you accept emails from other members with their offers as a part of your membership. Consequently your inbox can be flooded with unwanted offers and promotions creating more unnecessary work for you having to scan through your mailbox for your personal email.

Surfing for credits is another way to get free advertising but this is also time consuming and basically hard work. I would suggest using Avant Browser for tabbed browsing if you do decide to use this method as you can have multiple windows opened tiled horizontally, simultaneously clocking up quite a lot of credits at five to ten times the speed of Internet Explorer for example.

Start Your Own Blog:

Set up a blog with links to your Internet home business … blogging has become one of the most popular forms of advertising online and there are free blog resources available that will allow you to set up your blog for free. [ is my favourite] The trick to blogging successfully is to add some content on a daily basis to attract search spiders from Google and other search engines, and this is another good way to get listed free with search engines for your Internet home business kompostownik z palet . To really maximise your blogs potential for free advertising every time you add a post to it make sure to ping it using What this does is notify a bunch of blog listing services about your blog and they will send spiders over to your blog to index the content and link it to their networks!

Pay Per Click:

Google AdWords and Yahoo are probably two of the most effective ways of advertising your products and your Internet home business where you set your maximum budget and you only have to pay when someone clicks on your ad … hence the term Pay Per Click [PPC].

Some Internet home businesses have built their fortunes entirely with PPC but you can also lose a lot of money if your campaign and your click through rate are not effective. So again you should do some research by surfing the Internet and taking notes of campaigns that look good to you and use Overtures free keyword research tool from Yahoo to check successful keywords. Overtures will prove to be very effective and save you lots of time with this research.

Yahoo and Google operate completely differently in this area where the objective is to have your campaign displayed nearest to the number one spot as possible. Google rewards you here for how effective your campaign is worded and how relevant the keywords are, where Yahoo gives the top positions to the highest bidder.

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